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Flow of the business

I explain the flow of the basic request. At first please just feel free to contact us as it is an indication.
I estimate it at any time and am accepting a request.
I accept the estimate request of the product, an inquiry, consultation. Please feel free to contact us.

≪SeikoShoji Co., Ltd.≫
TEL: 048-711-8332

Flow of the business

1.Inquiry, estimate request

At first I ask about the request of the visitor.

I make an estimate by an email, TEL, FAX in us and accept a request.


I do the confirmation of the specifications about the person in charge and the vehicle and the meeting including the delivery method by the contents which you inquired.


Based on the request contents of the visitor by the meeting, I make an estimate.


I have a signature to an order form and become the official order if I have you understand an estimate.

5.Maintenance (option)

I maintain the vehicle which you ordered by a request and deliver it.


I deliver it by sending by land.
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